Hamilton Pipette Tips
Hamilton offers two high-quality tip families: hydrophobic filter barrier and standard. Both are available in a range of volume and packaging options. For convenience, Hamilton pipette tips are available in hinged or lift-off racks, and each type features different qualities and sizes. To determine ...
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Sandwich and Indirect ELISA Tests
Sandwich and Indirect ELISA tests are the most common types of ELISA. We will discuss their differences and similarities, as well as direct vs. indirect ELISA. To help you decide between these two methods, we've included a comparison table. You can also view the test results of a sandwich ELISA. The...
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Rapid Molecular Assays For Influenza
Developed by Roche and Abbott, the rapid molecular assays for influenza aim to make diagnosis easier and faster. These tests are based on flu virus RNA and replicate long stretches of genetic code. Using the test, a sample of a sick person is immersed in a reagent containing nucleotides from a lab. ...
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What Is An Absorbent Pad?
An absorbent pad is designed to hold liquid in place. They are made from a polymer that contains bacteria that can make your food contaminated. They are used in areas where you have to be careful not to touch the meat. Because the pads are so thin, they can be reused many times. These pads […...
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CMOS Array Detector
A CMOS array detector is a semiconductor device that comprises a series of pixels. Each pixel in a CMOS detector has a different maximum and minimum voltage, and the pixels are connected together through gold-bond wires. A metallic shield is used to reduce the parasitic characteristics of the device...
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A Solution For Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction in 96-Well Format
The CyBio FeliX extract is a solution for automated nucleic acid extraction in 96-well format. This kit contains the pipetting platform, the extraction kits, software, and consumables. This system makes your work easier and faster while delivering superior results. It also saves you time and money, ...
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Challenges to the Growth of the Molecular Transport Medium Market
The market for molecular transport medium is dominated by the U.S., Canada, and Japan. These regions are the largest buyers of this product, due to their growing healthcare sector. As a result, they will remain a major player in this market. However, a number of challenges will hamper the growth of ...
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Panbio Dengue ELISA
The Panbio dengue ELISA is a clinical laboratory test that detects NS1 antigen in the serum of a patient. It is an immunoblot that recognizes antibodies to dengue virus. This test is used to determine the presence of the disease in a patient. Developed by PanBio Pty Ltd. in Brisbane, Australia, the ...
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Direct Elisa And Indirect Elisa
Types of ELISA ELISAs are methods for detecting antibodies, peptides, proteins, and other substances in small amounts. They are often used in diagnostics and quality control procedures in industries. ELISAs follow a set of basic steps. The binding of an antibody to an antigen results in the formatio...
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Where Are You Able To Get Tested For Covid?
Every day around2,000 people are choosing up the coronavirus, in accordance with the most recent figures from The ZOE COVID Symptom Study UK Infection Survey . Trying my finest to behave responsibly, I known as at a chemist to acquire some lateral circulate kits which I’ve done on a previous event...
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