Hamilton Pipette Tips

Posted by anna on April 19, 2022

Hamilton offers two high-quality tip families: hydrophobic filter barrier and standard. Both are available in a range of volume and packaging options. For convenience, Hamilton pipette tips are available in hinged or lift-off racks, and each type features different qualities and sizes. To determine which tip is best for your particular application, contact a Hamilton representative. These tips will work with all common pipette sizes and will ensure accuracy every time.

CO-RE II (r) tips are manufactured in a clean room to ensure sterility and accuracy. Their traceability makes them a valuable asset for precision liquid handling. Each tip is made with medical-grade conductive materials. These tips are compatible with the Hamilton robotic liquid handling system, and are sold in blister packs of 96 tips. NEST Scientific is a recognized leader in critical laboratory plastics.

Micropipettes are widely used in laboratories, for conducting PCR assays and other diagnostic experiments. They can hold from 0.01ul to five milliliters and are generally molded in clear plastic. Pipette tips can also be purchased as sterile or non-sterile. For the most stringent sterility requirements, ensure the pipette tips are DNase-free. This is essential for the safe handling of biological samples and can result in significant health risks.

In today's laboratories, ergonomics is crucial. Research suggests that pipetting with traditional pipettes for more than 300 hours a year increases the risk of hand, wrist, and other ailments. Hamilton pipettes have been ergonomically designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue and minimize other risk factors associated with pipetting. And since they are fully autoclavable, they are more convenient than ever to use. You can also count on Hamilton pipettes to last longer.

hamilton pipette tips

Eppendorf ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. Filter Tips

Eppendorf ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. filter tips feature a two-phase filtration process that preserves sample integrity and quality. These filters are made of flexible hydrophobic material and feature two distinct filter layers: the white layer is designed to retain liquid samples while the blue layer binds biomolecules reliably. Both filter layers feature defined air passage rates to enable quick and easy pipetting.

The ep Dualfilter filters have an integrated filter made of hydrophobic polyethylene, eliminating the need to add self-sealing additives. Using these filters will eliminate the risk of wet filters, which can occur if pipetting is not done properly. These filters will also preserve your sample by eliminating the risk of contaminated liquids entering your sample collection tubes. But before you start using these filters, you'll need to consider the safety and environmental regulations for your lab.

Axygen Filter Tips

Axygen(r) MultiRack Filter Pipet Tips employ an inert hydrophobic barrier to protect the pipette tip from contamination. This barrier is non-leachable and has pore sizes of 20 microns or less. They effectively block aerosols and a range of other substances. Axygen multirack filtered tips are available in bulk and racked form. The following are some tips to consider when selecting a filtration system:

Axygen filtration tips are designed to reduce the surface area of the tip and the receiving vessel, thereby improving accuracy. Ultra-thin orifice and angle combine to decrease the capillary effect. As a result, the tips can deliver fluids within 1% of the volume requested. Axygen Maxymum Recovery pipet tips are ideal for critical applications because of their high accuracy and low sample loss.

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